Meeting today’s market needs and tomorrow’s trends in the industrial market

We are a leading certified supplier of technology, production systems, printed circuit boards and cable assembly services to Europe’s industrial markets, encompassing a wide range of manufacturing and industrial operations. We develop products to User Requirement Specifications from the concept stage onwards with optimal production, price and quality results.

Globalisation Speed-to-market Strong IT use Sustainability

Our expertise and services address these overall industrial market trends:

  • Globalisation is gradually replacing targeted international production and distribution. Companies are moving closer to their customers in large regions with high growth potential and influence (e.g. China, India, SE Asia and Brazil.) Real-time, high-quality technologies are needed to overcome the challenge of balancing centralised control versus local management.
  • Innovation & speed-to-market will be critical in bringing new products to a worldwide customer base ahead of competitors. Market survival and investing in the future requires businesses to innovate and commercialise successful results quickly.  
  • Strong IT use, especially involving enterprise resource planning software, RFID tags and enhanced production line automation and monitoring. Deep and intelligent connectivity between devices and systems will herald a leaner, more responsive approach to manufacturing. Cloud-based technologies and SaaS will underpin more collaborative, agile and mobile work practices.
  • Sustainability to help lower rising energy costs and reduce environmental impact and waste. Efficient energy management will be a key part of every manufacturer’s responsibilities, not only for societal reasons, but to add more bottom-line revenue by reducing operational overhead.

We can help you address

  • Safety and security, as increased globalisation means more web-based production platforms, interlinked assembly facilities, worldwide networks and proprietary software which must be made secure and resilient to outside intrusion.
  • Green, to develop and produce digital systems and technologies to control energy use, reduce waste and electronically monitor and regulate production processes to prevent environmental incidents.
  • Reliability in new devices, electronic controls and monitoring systems to keep production equipment and processes at optimal performance 24/7 to support a global presence.
  • Performance in quality control and incident prevention technologies that play a significant role in ensuring harmful, disruptive or financially ruinous events are detected early and kept from happening.

Certified quality

We are accredited as a complete approved vendor by key certification authorities. We are ISO13485, 9001 and 14001 approved. We aim for zero defects ensuring the highest level of device accuracy.