Meeting today's market needs and tomorrow's trends in the railway industry

We are a leading certified supplier of technology, production systems, printed circuit boards and cable assembly services for the railway industry in Europe. We develop products to User Requirement Specifications from the concept stage onwards with optimal production, price and quality results.

Safety & security Green Reliability Capacity

Our expertise and services address rail industry trends:

  • Safety and security, with high system performance in degraded mode, real-time traffic and journey monitoring, intelligent maintenance, infrastructure and system evaluation.
  • Sustainability and green to reduce noise and vibration as well as optimize vehicle design to accept new technologies that increase service life, meet new business needs and societal priorities.
  • Reliability with a focus on life cycle management of infrastructure, rolling stock and system components; a transport strategy based on reliable technology supporting on-time performance.
  • Maximized capacity through advanced computer-guided distribution, logistics and traffic management.

Our promise

  • Provide dependable technology that supports safe, secure railway systems with high performance and intelligent components.
  • Support environmental and sustainability goals; ones that minimize rail travel’s impact on society with systems that easily accept new technologies that further facilitate green objectives.
  • Develop management tools to assess whole-life economic impact (Life Cycle Assessment) and ensure resource-efficiency along with optimized maintenance/ replacement costs.
  • Help maximize rail network capacity through advanced distribution, logistics and traffic management systems that makes railways a key driver of economic growth, social cohesion and mobility in a low-carbon society.

Certified quality 

We are accredited as a complete, rail transport vendor by key certification authorities. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 approved, as well as RATP, Deutsche Bahn and REACH certified. Our Czech production plant is IRIS certified. We aim for zero defects ensuring the highest level of device accuracy and passenger safety.