Meeting today’s market needs and tomorrow’s trends in the semiconductor industry

We are a leading certified supplier of technology, production systems, printed circuit boards and cable assembly services to Europe’s semiconductor manufacturing industry. We develop products to User Requirement Specifications from the concept stage onwards with optimal production, price and quality results.

More electronics Higher bandwidth Big data Low power

Our expertise and services address semiconductor industry trends:

  • More electronics, as the world’s appetite for technology explodes. This is especially true for all types of mobile devices driven by a demand to watch video, entertainment, live sports or breaking news ‘on-the-go’.
  • Higher bandwidth of mobile devices. 6G is on the drawing board to support faster data rates. Consumers want devices that are more ‘situationally aware’ through GPS guidance and capable of monitoring health through biosensors. At the same time, new semiconductors will support longer battery life through power conservation.
  • Big data and the ‘Internet of Things’, supporting machine-to-machine web interaction through smartphones, smart TVs and similar products. This will drive demand for server networks and high performance semiconductors, as well as integrated sensors to support 3D displays and human biosensor networks.
  • Low power and ownership cost, without compromising performance. Chip makers face trade-offs between power, performance, area and cost/complexity (PPAC). For mobile devices and home technology products using Internet Protocol, the push is for reduced power, high performance, small area and low cost. 

Our expertise and services address trends in the semiconductor industry

  • Safety & security, to design and produce primary production and safety equipment used in lithography systems for semiconductors, integrated circuits and microchips, and provide qualified test apparatus to ensure their proper performance. Also support manufacturer’s security directives to deter misuse or operation outside of specifications.
  • Green, reinforced by our design and manufacturing expertise that makes products more energy-efficient.
  • Reliability, by co-engineering and qualifying prototype circuits and chips to better ensure optimal performance during mass production and in end-use applications, as well as miniaturising devices without compromising full functionality.
  • Performance, to guarantee the client’s components perform reliably in end-use systems and devices, especially for consumer IT and similar applications where competition is fierce and any functional shortcoming has profound bottom-line ramifications.   

Certified quality

We are accredited as a complete approved vendor by key certification authorities. We are ISO13485, 9001 and 14001 approved. We aim for zero defects ensuring the highest level of device accuracy.