KAMPENHOUT / GENK - October 21, 2019 - The acceptance period of the reopening as a simplified buy-out offer of the voluntary and conditional public takeover bid in cash by IPTE Factory Automation NV ("IPTE") for the shares issued by Connect Group NV ("Connect Group") that were not yet in possession of IPTE or persons associated with IPTE, ended on October 18, 2019 (the "Squeeze-out Bid").

Results of the squeeze-out bid

During the reopening, 208,875 shares of Connect Group were offered in the Buy-Out Offer. The remaining 185,334 shares in Connect Group to which the squeeze-out bid related and which were not offered in the squeeze-out bid are deemed to have been legally transferred to IPTE. As a result, after the effective transfer of ownership of the shares offered in the Buy-Out Offer and the transfer by operation of law in accordance with Article 43 (3) of the Royal Decree of 27 April 2007 on public takeover bids, IPTE and the persons associated with IPTE hold a total of 26,754 ,062 shares of Connect Group, representing 100% of the outstanding shares of Connect Group.


The payment of the offer price for the shares that were offered during the Buy-Out Offer will take place on October 31, 2019. For the shares that were not offered in the Buy-Out Offer and that are deemed to have been legally transferred to IPTE, the necessary funds for the payment of the bid price will be made consigned at the Deposit and Consignment Office. Any unpaid former shareholder can obtain payment by contacting the Deposit and Consignment Office by e-mail (info.cdcdck@minfin.fed.be), by telephone on the number + (32) (0) 2 577 41 10, or by post at Kunstlaan 30, 1040 Brussels.

Cancellation of the stock exchange listing

The Connect Group shares were automatically canceled from Euronext Brussels with effect from 21 October 2019.