Connect Group offers added value with industrialization and engineering services, plus advice on materials and component selection and layout for the assembly of cables, printed circuit boards and modules.

With the extensive expertise our engineers have developed over the past twenty years, Connect Group is fully qualified to offer you the specific technical support you are looking for. The sooner we are involved in the development of your project, the higher the added value of our engineering team will be.

With our broad knowledge of technical and manufacturing possibilities, we can accompany your product development process from the concept stage onwards, to give optimal production, price and quality. Connect Group’s engineering activities function here as an extension of its customers’ own design teams, with open communication, sharing of knowledge and pro-active search for solutions to support our customers’ success.

In whatever product group or market your company operates, Connect Group’s engineers can provide development, industrialization and production support. Very fast prototyping, drawing and specifications writing allows us to move quickly into (volume) production and considerably narrow lead times from drawing board to market.