Meeting healthcare trends and market needs head-on 

We are a leading certified supplier of technology, production systems, printed circuit boards and cable assembly services to Europe’s healthcare, life sciences and medical device industries. Connect Group develops products to User Requirement Specifications from the concept stage onwards with optimal production, price and quality results.

Aging population

Chronic diseases

Staff shortage

Budget restraints

Prevention & early detection

Home care


Comfort & safety

Do your solutions address these trends?

• Rapidly aging population over 65 years living longer with more chronic ailments
• More home and residential care requiring portable, in-home medical devices (monitoring, measuring and diagnostic instruments)
• Emphasis on early detection and prevention to keep costs low; minimize hospital-based treatments and overnight stays
• Greater device accuracy and comfort; devices must fit smaller residential settings versus doctor’s office or hospital floor

Our promise

• To help you prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat every condition that affects mankind with solutions that are information-driven and close to the patient
• Produce solutions to pre-empt risks prior to curing disease, as well as for early disease prevention
• Make them less costly to produce and easy-to-use
Increase the efficiency and productivity of care professionals

Certified healthcare quality 

We are accredited as a complete, health care approved vendor by key certification authorities. We are ISO13485, 9001 and 14001 approved. Our production facilities are DEKRA certified. We aim for zero defects ensuring the highest level of device accuracy and patient safety.