Meeting today’s market needs and tomorrow’s trends in the telecom industry

We are a leading certified supplier of technology, production systems, printed circuit boards and cable assembly services to Europe’s telecommunications industry. We develop products to User Requirement Specifications from the concept stage onwards with optimal production, price and quality results.

The new necessity Internet of Things Device durability Mobile hacking

Our expertise and services address telecom industry trends

  • The new necessity: high-speed connectivity, IP-TV and IP-voice are no longer discretionary for homes and businesses; they’re must-haves. This will dramatically expand short-term as modern society regards fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and the ICT services it supports as important to life as electricity, telephone or water service. Broadband pricing, once premium, is dropping.
  • Internet of Things: a new gauge of first-world societies in a global market is universal broadband access. This heralds the next ICT step: machine-to-machine Web interaction. Estimates point to a 30:1 ratio between devices and people: the ‘Internet of Things’. Home networks, e-Health, smartphones and TVs are examples. The playing field shifts again.
  • Device durability, because computers and smartphones are used in different places and exposed to diverse elements. The average device is removed from a pocket every six minutes, exposing it to rain, dust, cold or bumping. Dropped phones are common; cracked displays are frequent. Mobile devices, including their internal components, will be designed for greater durability.
  • Mobile hacking: with expanded and much-improved mobile services for banking and gaming, hackers now have new targets. Traditional web hacking will soon be outpaced by the new battleground of hacking apps and mobile operating systems. ID and financial theft gets a new venue posing unique challenges to platform designers, device builders and service providers.

We can help you address

  • Security, from technology to prevent hacking to controls that monitor and identify theft-of-telecom services. This includes designing wired/Wi-Fi network components to better detect and deter unauthorised spying that prevents data theft, angry subscribers and lost revenue.
  • Green, to design systems and components that reduce power use and heat generation to lessen costly cooling for a lower carbon footprint.
  • Reliability, in systems and components that enhance QoS by minimizing network disruptions, outages or service slowdowns. This helps reduce subscriber churn and negative publicity that impairs new installs and revenue. Stronger components also facilitate more durable mobile devices that resist damage.
  • Performance, in telecom systems that are future-ready for evolving services, expanded line speeds and other enhancements such as digital home health monitoring, web-based home controls or new offerings based on Internet protocol that grow revenue and increase profits.

Certified quality

We are accredited as a complete approved vendor by key certification authorities. We are ISO13485, 9001 and 14001 approved. We aim for zero defects ensuring the highest level of device accuracy.