For more than 25 years Connect Group has been a fixture in the world of electronic pollination, mainly for high quality industrial applications. Several things are important, such as: price, flexibility, complexity, testing, etc.

But our promises and services go further. Quality and lifespan are also a priority.
For years we have been working daily on optimizing production processes and improving quality. With and by our partners (customers) we are constantly challenged to go a step further.

In addition to our reputation in the industrial market, we have a track record within the certified sectors as: Healthcare, Railway, Defense, Space and Avionics market. For several years we have been successfully assembling various projects by Connect Group. A few years ago the certification for the medical and railway market was successfully achieved and the EN-9100 certification was within reach. This certificate makes us as a subcontractor unique in Belgium.

In order to grow further within the Avionics market, the demand came more and more from customers and their clients to achieve the EN-9100 standard. It is now easier for them to join forces with Connect Group.

Connect Group is ready for new aviation, space and defense related assignments as a new business partner in this sector.