Small contribution of Connect Group

Breathney is an R&D-project of the “Vrije Universiteit Brussel” (VUB) to duplicate full functionality of a medical ventilator, with the needed accuracy, robustness and reliability, while selecting only parts that can be quickly sourced in large volume from non-medical industrial sectors. The goal is a redesign-from-scratch of an existing technology for mass rapid manufacture.

This project was started on March 17th by a smallish group of engineers at Fablab Brussels and has benefited from advice from "Universitair Ziekenhuis" (UZ) Brussels as well as Industry. The project has grown into a 50+ team, non-profit effort to develop a rapid-manufacturable, open-source ventilator for COVID-19.

The team currently consists out of mechanical & electronic engineers, a doctor-on-site, medical advisors, a group of programmers & reinforcement from experienced R&D-engineers from Flanders Make.

Our engineering team in Kampenhout is also a part of that team and busy with co-engineering the wiring of this ventilator. We already delivered a first proto which has been approved. The intention is now to go for 50 pieces. If necessary (and in this case, we hope not) we tool up to 1.000 pieces.

For more info and updates of this project check the website