CEO Luc Switten leaves Connect Group

The Connect Group board of directors herewith announces that CEO Luc Switten has stated that he will be leaving the company as of 3 April 2015.  Supported by the board of directors, the current management will ensure continuity, with COO Flor Peersman being appointed as interim CEO. Luc Switten will remain available as a consultant until the end of 2015.

All employees, customers and suppliers of the company are herewith notified of the decision of the CEO.

Luc Switten was one of the founders of IPTE in 1992. Following the acquisition of Connect Group by IPTE in 1999, he assumed responsibility for Connect Group, becoming its CEO in the same year. The Board of Directors thanks Luc Switten for all his work for the benefit of the company over the past 23 years.

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