Connect Group expands its production capacity in Eastern Europe

A new step in the development of the Connect Group will take place. Due to the success of Connect Group’s strategy over the last two years the company has to extend their production area in Romania, together with the growth of the workforce to fulfill the customer demand and expectations.

Next to that this expansion is needed to be able to keep up with our growing customer requests, but more important our aim to constantly exceed our customer expectations.

The strong growth is not only foreseen in cable and electronics division, but for a great part in the end assembly of physical large volume products. The customers of the Connect Group recognize the strength to have all facilities to build an end assembly under one roof and even in the same location.

With this enlargement Connect Group stays on top of the European main suppliers for EMS products.

The plant in Oradea will be enlarged with over 7.000 m² for new offices and production floor. The completion of the new premises is foreseen mid-2018. This investment will increase production floor in Romania by 35%.

"Flexibility in production and time to market, delivering plug and play products have become more important in our business. In order to be able to serve our customers at the highest level in the future, this was a needed step", emphasized Mr. Jeroen Tuik, CEO of Connect Group.