Connect Group introduces 'Technology is a Service' program, providing full support through the entire product lifecycle.

Kampenhout - Connect Group, one of the major providers of services for the assembly of cables, PCBs and modules in Europe, has significantly expanded its scope with the launch of its 'Technology is a Service' (TiaS) program. Through the TiaS program, Connect Group will comprehensively support customers in product development and management, from the new product development phase and throughout the product lifecycle. The company presented its new organization, approach and ambitions on the ‘Technology is a Service’ day, which took place on 20 November 2012.

Technology is a Service’ is the name of Connect Group’s new strategy. Under this banner, Connect Group will offer a full range of services to develop products and solutions, and to maintain products and solutions in line with customers' goals, in the most efficient ways possible. The services will be tailored to each customer's needs, and can include managing the manufacturing requirements during the entire lifecycle.

This approach guarantees that each customer always has the right technology required for its products, and can keep them in the market, attractive, competitive and relevant. The new approach of Connect Group puts the focus on the customer; thanks to the skills, expertise and commitment of all employees, the company is able to respond to each individual customer question. This strategy, combined with Connect Group's existing production capabilities, perfectly positions Connect Group to emerge as one of the leading subcontractors in Europe.

Preparing to launch the new TiaS strategy involved a number of internal changes. Peter Verrept, formerly EMS Director, will take on the new position of Chief Technology Officer, drawing on his in-depth technological knowledge and skills. He will lead a team of about 50 employees, who will be focused on reinforcing the TiaS approach and ambitions.

The response from the market to Connect Group's latest initiative has been very positive. Connect Group continues to refine its skills and knowledge, as its position as a full-service provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services continues to grow.

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