Connect Group nominates 3 new directors

Connect Group NV (Euronext Brussels: CONN) announces that the Board of Directors wishes to expand with the addition of 3 new directors: Robert Van Hoofstat, Peter Watteeuw and Willy Hendrickx.
Those appointments should be seen within the context of a change to the shareholders’ structure and will be submitted for approval to an Extraordinary General Meeting on 8 August 2011.

Adprimum bvba, represented by Rob Van Hoofstat, is nominated as a director on behalf of Quaeroq cvba, a major shareholder of Connect Group since the conversion of its convertible bonds into shares in April of this year.
Peter Watteeuw and Mentofacturing bvba, represented by Willy Hendrickx, will both sit on the board as independent directors.

Rob Van Hoofstat (64 years old) has more than 35 years experience at ING at the director’s level in Belgium and abroad. Over the past few years at ING, he was the managing director of ING Belgium. He has been active in the area of strategic consulting since 2006.

Peter Watteeuw (53 years old) has more than 30 years experience in a variety of sectors. His past roles have included being general director of different companies in logistics services and international trade. He is currently managing director of Niko, a manufacturer of switching material, and Erea, producer of LED solutions and halogen transformers.

Willy Hendrickx (70 years old) has 35 years experience in global manufacturing with Philips. He was general manager of various Philips operations in Belgium and abroad, was VP operations for several product divisions, and ended his career as VP corporate industrial policy for Philips International. Since 2000, he has applied his broad international experience in manufacturing as an industrial consultant.

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