Connect Group obtains medical certificate for its facility in Poperinge

Kampenhout - Connect Group has obtained the ISO 13485 medical certificate for its facility in Poperinge Belgium. This quality standard is intended for suppliers of medical equipment and devices wishing to demonstrate compliance with legislative and customer requirements.  The ISO 13485 certification opens up for Connect Group the technologically demanding market of medical equipment and confirms the quality of this production unit, which previously also earned various quality labels. 

The fact of Connect Group's Belgian production plant obtaining the coveted ISO13485 certificate is in line with the group’s strategy of focusing increasingly on specific sectors like the medical market. The Poperinge production plant has for years produced parts for medical devices, for which it boasts an extremely efficient traceability model. The step towards this certification was therefore a not particularly large one. Six months after the launch of this initiative the certificate was there. 

The medical sector is in a significant process of evolution, with electronics playing a central role in diagnosis and research, but also increasingly placing its stamp on the therapeutic approach.  European companies are playing a leading role in the development of these electronics. This is perfectly in line with Connect Group's growth strategy in Europe, which is directed at providing customers with close support in developing and bringing their products and solutions into production.

This is already the 3rd medical certificate obtained by Connect Group. Besides Poperinge, Connect Group already has ISO13485 certification for its facility at Veldhoven (the Netherlands) and Kladno (Czech Republic), enabling it to serve customers from close by with developing and prototyping their products and preparing them for industrial production, also with the production of smaller batches.  This certification for the Poperinge facility, will allow Connect Group to reach not only the Belgian but also the French medical market more easily.

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