Disclosure made according to the requirements of the law of 2 May 2007

IPTE NV, (Euronext Brussel: IPT) discloses the information required under article 15, § 1 and 18, § 1 of the Law of 2 May 2007 regarding the disclosure of important shareholdings in listed companies.

Information as at September 12, 2008:

Total outstanding capital: 429,934 €.
Total number of outstanding ordinary shares : 6,934,424.
Total number of outstanding subscription rights (each right entitles the holder to subscribe to one new ordinary share):  182,850.

According to IPTE’s bylaws article 12 bis, the threshold as from which a shareholding needs to be disclosed, has been set at 3 %, 5 % and multiples of 5 % subsequently.

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