IPTE doubles production capacity for contract manufacturing

IPTE NV instructed for the construction of a new plant in Oradea for its subcontracting activity. The finalisation of the construction is estimated at yearend 2007. The new plant will be 16.000m² large and can accommodate more then 1.000 employees. The plant will be constructed by  and on land of Centrum Romania, a division of the Belgian H. Essers group. The total investment of the plant amounts to 5 mio Euro. IPTE signed an agreement to rent the plant for 15 years from the Essers group.

This investment in Oradea is the next important step in the expansion of the subcontracting activity of IPTE in Romania. The group only started its subcontracting operations in Romania in December 2002 with 7 employees on rented premises less than 1.000m². The company had a very successful starting year as already one year later - in January 2004 - it had to move into a new plant in Bors of 3.000m². Again one year further - in January 2005 - it doubled the square meters and moved into a second building, which totally amounted up to 6.000m².  Today, the group employs in Romania already more than 550 employees. This steady growth over the years required for the 3rd time in 5 years to move into larger premises.

The Romania factory has become the largest production facility of the Connect Systems Group over the years. Production in Romania evolved from a pure labor subcontracting activity at the startup in 2002 into a full fledged electronic subcontracting plant including the latest technological production machinery for PCB and Cable harnesses manufacturing. The plant now produces complete products, PCB’s and Cable harnesses for the high end professional, automotive and telecom markets.

The Connect Systems Group today has 8 plants spread over Europe. Effective and efficient logistical management is a must to optimize production and keep costs low. The decision to invest in this major plant together with our logistical partner Centrum expresses our trust we have in the H. Essers group and the Romanian people.

Luc Switten, the CEO of the Connect Systems Group:
“We are very happy with the evolution of our Romanian plant. Connect Systems was one of the first and is now one of the biggest companies investing in the Oradea Region. When we started 5 years ago in Romania, we did not believe that, in this short time period, we could realise this growth. Thanks to our Romanian employees, we have today a plant with a local management which is fully self supporting, has a motivated staff and all technical and operational skills are accounted for. Our human resource policy to hire, train and maintain qualified people and our investment in the new plant is our best guarantee to grow further in Romania”.

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