Partnership between Nikinc, GBO Design and Connect Group results in a high-value product design: the Nikinc Dental Usefill Heater

The partnership between Nikinc Dental, GBO DESIGN and Connect Group has resulted in a high-value product design for the dental sector: the Usefill Obturator Heater. The development of the mechanics, electronics and software of this new product has taken place in the Eindhoven region.

Nikinc Dental B.V. (located on the High Tech Campus of Eindhoven) commissioned GBO DESIGN and Connect Group to develop and supply as an end-product a device that could be used in root canal treatments. 
On the conclusion of a root canal treatment, the opening is sealed with special rubber rods (cores):  the Gutta-Percha Obturators. These obturators must be placed with utmost precision in ideal circumstances. A constant temperature and high-value materials are important.
The device must not only be stylish but also fast (flash heat) and extremely user-friendly. The interior is hot and the exterior cool (both in design and temperature). Furthermore, the new device has to be easy to move and operate.

In addition to the design and engineering, GBO also has all kinds of possibilities for assembling models and prototypes. “With our 3D-printer we  have been able to continuously evaluate the results of the development process, so that the time-to-market was always under control”, relates Jeroen op ten Berg, Director GBO DESIGN. GBO has developed a compact recognisable casing that fits neatly into the hand. The device stands on a base on which the heater can be used easily and charged quickly. This means that the Usefill Heater is within handy reach of the dentist and close to patient. One press on the button and the obturators are heated in three seconds. The UseFill Heater has a five minute stand-by, more than sufficient time to fill all root canals during a treatment. The patented heating technology has been co-developed by TNO (The Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and ensures that the heating time of the obturators is extremely short and the temperatures constant.

Connect Group has been actively involved in the development and industrialisation of the electronics, as well as in the prototyping, industrialisation and establishment of the supply chain of this device. Now that the development and industrialisation process of this innovative product has been successfully completed by all the parties involved, Nikinc Dental will undertake the market launch.
“With the ISO13485 certification of our medical market production facilities, as well as our extensive testing facilities and full-traceability production and logistics, we are ideally placed to produce this type of complex end-product for the medical market,” tells Niels van Zon, Business Development Manager, Connect Group.

Since January 2014, the new product is available in Europe and the USA. This innovation shows once again that our region is ideally suited for the development of high-value medical and dental products with a high-value design.

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