QuaeroQ converts convertible bonds into shares

QuaeroQ informs Connect Group that it exercises its option to convert its convertible bonds of 2.9M€ into shares of the Company.

Dimitri Duffeleer, managing director of QuaeroQ : " We are taking a stake in Connect Group according to the predefined terms of the convertible loan. We wish to support the company as an engaged shareholder throughout its further growth and development."

About QuaeroQ

QuaeroQ cvba invests with a long term vision in European small- and midsized listed companies. As of today, the investment portfolio of QuaeroQ consists of about 25 stakes across different sectors and countries. QuaeroQ is the investment company of Matexi Group, a family owned holding company with acitivities in real estate development, homebuilding and investments.

Bondholders are entitled to convert all or part of their bonds into shares of the company during the period from March 22 to April 21, 2011 at a rate of 1.49 Euro.

A request for conversion should be addressed to Connect Group NV, by a registered letter.

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