Connect Group acquires the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)

Connect Group has successfully completed the certification process confirming conformity with the requirements of IRIS for its facility in Kladno, Czech Republic.

Connect Group takes with the IRIS certification an important milestone in line with its business strategy to develop specific and targeted markets that require certification. IRIS complies with the specific requirements of the ISO 9001 international quality standard for the rail industry. IRIS makes relationships between suppliers and manufacturers more transparent by stating uniform rules to be observed by the suppliers in the rail industry. IRIS is recognized as a standard which only companies, that hold a sophisticated quality system at all levels and in all activities, can comply with.

The IRIS certification tops significant investments strengthening the performance of the Connect Group in the railway market. The Connect Group invested recently in a state of the art coating line to prevent manual touch-up. Furthermore, specific machinery to optimize component preparation was implemented and the routings in the factory were facilitated with conveyer belts. The investment program will be continued with automated visual inspections and ongoing training activities.

Luc Switten, CEO of the group, says “I strongly believe that the internationally accepted certification of IRIS will increase our credit of a respected and reliable supplier for the railway market among the most demanding business partners and will contribute to a stronger growth in this market.”

The strategy of Connect Group is more focusing on specific markets such as Railway, Health Care and semiconductors. The Group employs over 1.800 people and is active in 5 different European countries.  Connect Group’s references include  companies like Alstom, Faiveley, GSP Sprachtechnologie, Skoda Electric, Unicontrols and Trapeze.


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