Strengthening the chain with high-value Technology Services

On May 17th 2024, we celebrated a significant milestone, we inaugurated our new division, the Connect Technology Centre (CTC), which consolidates our diverse range of services and introduces our new rapid Prototyping service.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the General Manager of CTC to discuss what this consolidation means for our customers and the future of technology services.

Q1: Why clients should consider collaborating with CTC?

A1: CTC is all about leveraging our technological expertise and deep understanding of the electronics life cycle. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ products go beyond mere functionality, optimizing them for mass production. Our team consists of 40 highly skilled engineers dedicated to supporting every aspect of product development.

Q2: That sounds promising. Where are these services available?

A2: Our services have a global reach. We have locations in America, Europe, and Asia. Specifically, in America, we are based in Guadalajara, Mexico. In Europe, we have facilities in Kampenhout and Ieper in Belgium, Veldhoven in the Netherlands, Neuffen and Bad Hersfeld in Germany, Oradea in Romania, Kladno in the Czech Republic, and San Sebastián in Spain. In Asia, we operate out of Suzhou, China. This wide geographical presence allows us to support our customers wherever they are.

Q3: Could you explain the different services CTC offers?

A3: Certainly. CTC is structured into four main areas: Design & Development, Prototyping, Production Services, and Testing. This structure enables us to assist our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products. We support everything from the initial idea and development phase to mass production and even the decline or obsolescence phase with services like re-engineering and redesign.

Q4: Why should customers choose CTC Design & Development services?

A4: With almost 20 years of experience in design and co-design, we offer a comprehensive range of services. We handle everything from initial product development to project management, certification, and industrialization. Our core technologies include Industrial controllers, Standalone IoT devices and Gateways, and Automotive Lighting, supported by specific competencies in radiofrequency, wireless communication, and embedded cybersecurity. We provide a one-stop-shop from the concept stage to maintenance and redesign, ensuring the highest quality and functionality.

Q5: What makes your Prototyping services unique?

A5: Our Prototyping service is designed to be fast and flexible, catering to the needs of design and development projects. Customers can interact directly with our prototyping platform, uploading files and selecting preferred alternatives from approved suppliers. We pride ourselves on rapid delivery times and guaranteed quality, ensuring that prototypes meet your exact specifications and are delivered when you need them.

Q6: Can you highlight the benefits of your Testing services?

A6: Our Testing services emphasize reliability and responsibility. Connect Group assumes full responsibility for the testing processes, ensuring that all products and processes are thoroughly tested. This 100% coverage guarantees the quality and performance of your products, which is crucial for maintaining high standards and customer satisfaction.

Q7: Lastly, why should customers consider CTCs Production Services?

A7: An inappropriate design can lead to inefficiencies and increased costs during industrialization and mass production. That’s why we emphasize life cycle management on all projects. We offer Life Cycle Management, Computer Aided Design services and Design for Manufacturing / Design for Assembly services. We help customers streamline their production processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


We look forward to collaborating with new and existing customers to bring their technological visions to life.


For those interested in learning more about the Connect Technology Center and its services, please visit our website at Connect Technology Center.


Join us in shaping the future of technology services!