Vertical integration of expertise

The Connect Group is more than just a certified supplier of modular assembly, printed circuit boards and cable assemblies. And it's our added expertise that makes the difference.

We have vertically integrated and bundled our profound knowledge of the various phases of the production process. We call this bundled knowledge TiaS®: Technology is a Service.

The knowledge is focused on the optimisation of production, price and quality. All this makes the Connect Group the ideal partner to support the client in the development of successful products.


  • Computer-aided design of printed circuit boards
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Design for X
  • Pred-X
  • Knowledge of components
  • Industrialisation
  • Failure mode analyses
  • Test development

Knowledge of all production phases

The Connect Group operates according to the TiaS® concept. People's expertise is central to TiaS. A team of experienced specialists in the field of testing, reliability, DFX, LCM, CAD, industrialisation and components puts their knowledge at the disposal of the market.

The TiaS team works with both proven and innovative methods. The objective is a successful end product for the client.

Product development
Fabrication preparation
Production & assembly
Twenty years of experience

All the experts in our TiaS team have at least 20 twenty years of experience in their professional field. They know how your market has developed in terms of technology, they exchange ideas with you, and they don't need to be told things twice.

Life Cycle Management

Based on the bill of material, we let our clients know how long components will be available. If a component is no longer available, or will soon be unavailable, we suggest alternatives. We also carry out analyses to ensure that our clients can always comply with the most recent environmental legislation and safety requirements.

Test development

The products we assemble are top quality. That's because we subject them to a broad range of advanced and rigorous tests. We personally developed some of those tests. We store the test results for a long time, which again contributes to the full traceability.

Innovative techniques

By using innovative tools such as the very latest software for CAD, manufacturing and testing, we are able to offer clients excellent support with state-of-the-art developments.

Deployment in all phases

With the aid of advanced software, our experts predict the quality of products in all phases of the process. That way, they help to make a success of every product.

Significant reduction in costs

TiaS is a form of partnership between the client and the Connect Group which leads to optimisation and integral cost reduction on all fronts.

Get to know a part of the TiaS team

Ambitious and lively, with a passion for technology.

For technology in the cable and final assembly the team in Ieper is working closely with colleagues in Kampenhout.

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