Our mission

To continuously improve the success of our customers by supplying the best Electronic Manufacturing and Technology Services.

Company values

  • A customer-oriented organization
  • Aiming for results beyond our customers' expectations
  • Delivering services contributing to a sustainable world

Spare in the news

As a subcontractor, we are only sporadically in the spotlight.

On a regular basis we go public with news about our company, new customers or certificates obtained. You can follow the news items via our LinkedIn page.
Many clients require discretion. A role behind the scenes suits us

Started as cable assembly (CWS) specialist in Belgium


Our own EMS production in Ieper (Belgium)


CWS expansion in the Netherlands


Expansion of CWS location in Romania and Germany


Acquisition of Barco activity in Ieper and the Czech Republic


Takeover of Halin Netherlands


Birth of TiaS (R) and the names Connect Systems and Connectronics. Commercial merger into Connect Group


Acquirement of IKOR in Spain, Mexico and China