From a single cable to a complex wiring harness

In cable assembly, knowledge of the material is essential. Whether it involves a simple cable or a thick bundle with a complex mix of cables: Connect Group has the necessary knowledge. Also important: competitive pricing.

Our production facilities in Belgium and Romania offer a unique combination of manual and automated solutions, using a variety of technologies. As a result, we always find the best price and performance for you as a customer, manufacturer, and installer.


  • Cutting
  • Dismantle
  • Shrinking
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Spraying and repotting
  • Braiding
  • Clean room ISO Class 8
  • Flex ops
Phase 1 - Consulting


Some clients provide us with a ready-made design. Others prefer co-engineering and thus make full use of the knowledge and experience of Connect Group.

During the consultation stage, we unambiguously establish how the product will be used and what requirements it must meet. This determines not only the choice of connectors and shrink connections, but also the aspects on which we will test the product.

  • Choice of connectors
  • Choice of shrink joints
  • Production flow
  • Quality control
Phase 2 - Production

Choosing the best production location

The complexity of wiring harnesses varies greatly, from an extremely simple, hand-made cable to a complex, fully automated and clean-room manufactured product. And then there’s the extent to which flexibility is needed.

Together with you, we look at which production location would be best for making your product. And while we're making it, we're constantly evaluating the production process. Could things proceed smarter or more efficiently? Then we'll adjust the process.

Important at this stage
  • Automatic versus manual
  • Test types
  • Logistical production flow (batches)
  • Productivity improvement
Phase 3 - Logistics

Connect Group takes care of the entire logistics process

The way in which your product is used often has consequences for the way in which it must be packed. Take advantage of our 30 years of experience and let us think about packaging that protects your product - without going overboard in overly strict requirements.

Important at this stage
  • Component selection
  • Supplier selection
  • Central logistics hub
  • Customer-specific logistics models

Connect Group provides strategic added value by integrating testing at every stage

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