Reliability in every link

From prototype assembly to series production: Connect Group represents quality and reliability.

It goes without saying that we assemble PCBs of the highest quality. At least as important is the fact that we surround our products with care throughout their entire life cycle.

The quality of our production increases as a result of the use of robotics and the strict monitoring and continuous improvement of our production processes. Day after day.

We carry out the necessary tests, issue the necessary certificates, and guarantee traceability. In short: our products meet all quality requirements. This way we can relieve you of your worries.


  • 100% traceability
  • IPC-A-610 class II and III
  • NPI process
  • Specific logistics concepts
  • Manual and automated THT
  • Selective soldering
  • Press fit
  • High precision coating
  • Clean room ISO class 7
  • Testing: AOI, ICT, functional testing, boundary scan, HASS/HALT
Phase 1 - Consulting

Use our knowledge

As a client, you determine the specifications of the product, for example which components are used. We would be happy to advise you and explain in detail which tests are required to guarantee the proper functioning of the product.

Important at this stage
  • Component selection
  • Testing
  • Coating and potting
  • Packaging
Phase 2 - Production

From prototype to mass production

Do you need a prototype? In a small series? Or mass production? Connect Group has four PCB production locations, two of which are located in Eastern Europe. Each location has its own advantages when it comes to quality marks, ISO certificates, or required techniques.

Important at this stage
  • Logistical production flow
  • Certification
  • Choice of production location
Phase 3 - Logistics

Strategic purchasing at group level

Order now and only purchase six months from now? Or order for a whole year and get delivered in four instalments? We tailor our logistics to your needs.

We'll take it even further. If certain components are less available, we anticipate a possible scarcity. How? By strategically purchasing and looking for alternatives. This is how we solve logistical bottlenecks before they reach our customers.

  • Component selection
  • Supplier selection
  • Logistical models

In terms of efficiency and quality, Connect Group can compete with the largest companies on the market. In terms of flexibility, we can compete with the smallest players out there

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