Testing integrated in all stages

Connect Group has five production locations, each with their own facilities. Whether it involves a compact module or an extensive control unit, an integrated module or an end product and an order on a project basis or on a continuous basis: with us it's possible.

As one of the few module builders, Connect Group also offers cable assembly and the assembly of printed circuit boards. Our broad knowledge guarantees a good product.


  • Project management
  • On-site support by Flex-Ops
  • Versatile and modular production facilities
  • Supply chain management
  • Technical product documentation
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Rack & Cab assembly
  • After-sales service
Phase 1 - Consulting

Layout thinking saves time

The requirements to be met by the mechanics depend on the application.

Together with you, we discuss which requirements the components must meet, including specific requirements such as the application of certain modules.

Our project-based approach guarantees a smooth start.

Important at this stage
  • Mechanics
  • Documentation
  • Customer-specific specifications
  • Project approach
Phase 2 - Production

Testing after each step

Depending on the technical specifications and the size of the series, we assess at which location we can best build the module.

In this stage, the emphasis is on testing. After every connection and expansion, checks take place. The result is a product that meets all requirements and is 100% reliable.

If required, we can pack the module as an end product.

Important at this stage
  • Production location
  • Co-engineering
  • Testing
  • Packing
Phase 3 - Logistics

Logistics that fit like a glove

Module construction is like a trapeze act: good timing is vital. After all, printed circuit boards and/or cables and frames are integrated simultaneously.

We guarantee the continuity of the production process by strategically procuring or proposing parts that are more readily available. In short: Connect Group is your safety net.

Important at this stage
  • Shipping
  • Logistical agreements
  • Choice of supplier

Connect Group offers all aspects under one roof

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