Activity knows no timetable

In today's global economy, companies continuously exchange information. This interdependence makes the industry vulnerable to industrial espionage. Cables and connections that meet the highest standards prevent problems and increase safety.

The world economy has no shopping hours. Control units and control systems are continuously active. For this reason, it’s only logical that they must comply with the highest degree of reliability. Connect Group makes sure they do..

Another trend is greening. Supported by Connect Group, the industry is developing systems to reduce energy consumption and get a better grasp on production processes, to prevent environmental incidents. This is how we help keep the world healthy, safe, and clean.

The interdependence makes companies vulnerable

Technological products bring together parts from all over the world. How about the quality requirements? And to what extent does a producer from a completely different culture comply with his or her agreements? Connect Group smooths the pleats and assembles products that clearly meet international standards.

The Internet of things

In the Rotterdam harbour alone, 8.6 million containers are handled annually. Containers, sea cranes: they are all connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, this extremely complex logistics process runs smoothly.

Big data

The IoT provides an enormous data flow. You can picture this data as a well-stocked treasure trove, in which others would like snoop around as well. Connect Group helps you keep your data safe and accessible.

Streamlined processes

You will also find our technology in the agro and food industry.

Billion devices to IoT

According to market stratigics publiced by, around 31 billion devices worldwide will be connected to the internet this year. That number grows to 35 billion in 2021, they estimate.

PEDCA project

The European Commission has identified the need for a Pan-European Data Center Academy (PEDCA) that is supported by and in collaboration with the wider data center industry and academic research institutions to address a number of emerging problems within the data center sector.

Economic interest

Industry is one of the largest sectors in the European economy and is therefore of great economic importance.

Our long cooperation is based on trust, open cards and thinking along in the development phase of a product
Martin Kattier Director Strategic Supply Chain Management at SFC