Excellent Healthcare thanks to top technology

Healthcare and technology are inextricably linked. Only equipment that functions perfectly can provide top-quality care and safeguard patient safety.

In the medical world, developments follow one another in quick succession. People are living at home longer, electronics provide more comfort, and robotization is on the rise. Connect Group follows the trends and offers advice on those trends.

The knowledge we’ve built up over the years is reflected in the equipment in which our components are incorporated. This is our contribution to long, healthy lives.

Our ISO 13485 certificate is proof of our competence
100% traceability

Keeping up with traceability is a labour-intensive process. Still we do it, because it makes our products reliable. We’ve even developed our own software for it. As a result, Connect Group offers traceability at various levels.

Predictable quality

What is the quality of a component? How long will it last? With 30 years of experience, Connect Group can accurately predict the quality of a product and advise you on the best choice.

High efficiency

High quality and a competitive price: do they go together? At Connect Group, they do. We assemble our circuit boards on high-end machines, with minimal operation. The result: affordable top quality.


All conceivable test setups, already existing or newly built.

Facts, figures and trends

Grow artificial intelligence

Examples of this are robots and machines. The market is expected to grow more than 10 times in 2021.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

In 2019, 87% of healthcare systems implemented technologies in IoMT.

Virtual solutions

VR headsets are used to work with people who are concerned from dementia to cognitive impairment. They have access to activities and experiences that would otherwise not be available in their current environment.