Indestructible quality

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So it is logical that the defence and avionics markets hold their suppliers and products to extremely high standards.

Connect Group is making a steady rise in these most demanding of markets. One of the reasons for that rise is the high level of traceability of our components. We know exactly where our components come from. So our manufacturability is guaranteed.

You will find Connect Group products not only in aircraft but also in the logistics systems in and around the airports.

The AS 9100D certificate makes us unique as a subcontractor in Belgium
Design For Testing (DFT)

Your design is finished and you want to test it to see if it meets all the requirements? The Connect Group is the right place for that. We have our own engineering team which can develop and build a test system based on your specifications.

Life Cycle Management (LCM)

Which components are available? The Connect Group has at its disposal a database with ten thousand components worldwide. We assess them for their specifications and availability 24/7. So your list of components is always up to date.

Full Service

From lead-based or lead-free assembly of circuit boards to cable assemblies: you can leave part, or all of it, to the Connect Group.

Logistical systems

Among other things for goods, passengers and their luggage.

Facts, figures and trends

$ 30 billion

Airlines expect that they could save up to 30 billion dollars if they replaced all pilots with computers and software.

Electric flying

Governments, environmental organizations and citizens want air traffic to be cleaner and quieter. That is why aircraft manufacturer Boeing and airline JetBlue invest in a start-up: Zunum. Zunum hopes to start using an electric aircraft with 12 seats in 2022.

Data, robots and simulation

Robotics, simulation, augmented and virtual reality and big data are the major trends within defense. They can all make costly exercises cheaper and more realistic.