On the right track

Rail transport is growing. Trains are becoming longer and running more frequently and faster. This has consequences for the capacity of the railways, safety on and around the railways, and the quality of life.

The growth of rail transport demands traffic management and safety systems that cover all rail traffic- and consequently, components and systems of an exceptionally high quality.

Another trend is sustainability. Train manufacturers are aiming to extend the economic life of their models. Connect Group gets them to their destination.

Connect Group has the necessary certificates for the railway market

Whether it involves train components, the quality of real-time traffic information, or evaluation systems, the railway market sets the highest demands on safety. No problem; Connect Group has all possible certificates.


The time of wooden benches and being shaken up is far into the past. Ever more attention is being paid to comfort and durability, both inside and outside the train; think of the reduction of noise and vibrations. Connect Group knows which components meet the latest requirements.


The number of rail passengers is growing steadily, and the available equipment is badly needed to meet the demand for transport. Transport operators therefore make every effort to keep their equipment in motion and to prevent faults (and train cancellations). Manufacturers therefore focus on well thought-out life cycle management. Connect Group effortlessly connects to this.


...under all possible circumstances

Facts, figures and trends


Around $ 30 billion will be spent in IoT projects in the rail sector over the next 12 years. The possible applications range from advanced passenger information systems to insights into better production procedures.

Cyber security

The downside of digitization for railways is the associated risks and exposure to vulnerabilities that arise when bridging the old ecosystem with new technologies.


Over the next 20 years, substantial investments are being made in the Asia Pacific (APAC) rail infrastructure. There will also be more high-speed lines.

Connect Group as our preferred supplier for railway applications thanks to their co-makership attitude. They practice highly effective teamwork and create commitment