Technology for the cars of tomorrow

The automotive industry is racing against the clock. Fossil fuel cars have had their day. The world demands clean cars that are also comfortable, economical, and safe. The car of the future is full of advanced technology.

Producers are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. Their models are becoming ever more economical, safer, and smarter.

The cabling and printed circuit boards assembled by Connect Group have been thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards. Connect Group is contributing to the development of cars that will make our world safer, cleaner and more comfortable.

Working with Connect Group means controlling costs and improving the end product.

Safety is a top priority for most manufacturers. Electronics play an important role in this. Think of systems and circuits to make a car drive and brake automatically. Connect Group knows what is needed for a flawless system.


Little by little, we're handing over the steering wheel. Thanks to perfectly functioning control systems and highly reliable circuits, built by Connect Group for example, technology and artificial intelligence are increasingly gaining our trust.


Europe is imposing ever stricter requirements on emissions from road traffic. Fuel engines are in decline, batteries are the future. Would you like to join in this development? Connect Group turns all systems to GO.


Our work is not visible from the outside, but is extremely important for proper functioning.

Number of European cars

There are 257 million cars in Europe. The number of cars has grown by 5.7% in five years.

Increase more sales electric cars

In the first quarter of 2019, 85% more electric vehicles were registered in Europe than in the same period last year.

Trucks running on diesel

98% of all trucks, driving in Europe, run on diesel.