Location Ieper (Belgium)

In addition to its main office in Kampenhout, Connect Group also has a competence center in Belgium, in Ieper.

Ieper is situated in a region where, during World War I, a long and hard battle was fought. In memory of the many tens of thousands who died there, the Last Post still sounds in Ypres every evening at eight o'clock sharp.

‘Ieper' specializes in certified markets such as Healthcare, Defence-Avionics and Railway. The flexibility of this location is almost unprecedented; every day we adjust the planning to the needs of our customers.


  • 4.800 m²
  • 95 employees
  • Technology Centre
  • Industrialization & prototyping
Locatie Ieper
PCB Connect Group Ieper Railway

In Ieper we have the possibility, after the production and assembly of a (semi) finished product, to provide a complete report of the materials and processes used, based on the product’s serial number.


Ieper produces an elaborate mixture of products, from simple to highly complex, and adjusts the planning to the needs of the customer on a daily basis. Ieper is also strong in the rapid and efficient assembly of prototypes for R&D and industrialisation projects.

High-end Electronics

The fact that we can produce complex and high-density electronics in Ieper, taking into account the specific requirements of the various niche markets, is due to state-of-the-art production equipment and highly skilled employees.

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