Location Oradea (Romania)

Oradea is a city in the far west of Romania, close to the Hungarian border. The city has almost 200,000 inhabitants and is an economic, social, and cultural centre with industrial zones (mechanical engineering, chemistry), a modern university, and tourism.

In many ways our location in Oradea is our flagship. Not just because of the size of the factory, or the advanced production facilities, but also because we have all disciplines here - cable assembly, PCB assembly, and modular construction - under one roof.

From simple products to particularly complex and extensive modules, from manual work to fully automated production and from a few copies to enormous batches: we make it in Oradea.


  • 30.200 m²
  • 1.400 employees
  • Production centre: Cable/PCB/Module building
Connect Group Romania PCB
Connect Group Romania CWS

Mass production and flexibility do not generally go hand in hand, but in Oradea they do. Whether it's a change in the specifications of your product or an increase or decrease in production, we quickly adapt.


Almost every day we show (potential) clients around our factory in Oradea. The reason: they would like to know whether we can meet their specific requirements. And we can. Would you rather see for yourself? Come and have a look!

Focused on growth

Connect Group is focused on 'broad' growth: in terms of turnover, but also when it comes to quality. We invest considerably in new, faster and better machines, in software that increases the efficiency of our production, and in training the people who work with those machines and software.

Our contact details

SC Connectronics Romania SRL
Calea Borsului 40
Oradea 410605

+40 359 403 250

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