Location Veldhoven (Netherlands)

Veldhoven is located in the Eindhoven region, a region that is internationally renowned for its top technology.

Our Veldhoven location is specialized in testing designs and making them in small series. All the knowledge necessary to bring prototypes to perfection, for example by choosing the components that perform best and longest and offer the best value for money, is available at this location.

Once we’re satisfied with the design, we produce it in Veldhoven in small series. You would like to scale up? In that case we can transfer the production to our locations in the Czech Republic or Romania.

In Eastern Europe, we can manufacture your product to exactly the same standards of quality as in Western Europe, but with more favorable conditions. Connect Group helps Dutch speaking customers to make their designs technological and commercial successes.


  • 6.000 m²
  • 45 employees
  • Electronics
  • Introduction of new products
  • Project approach
Print assemblage Connect Group Nederland
CGNV SMD line Mycronic MY300sx

Selecting the right components, assessing a model, testing and perfecting it and producing (on a small scale). Our Veldhoven location will quickly have you ‘up and running'.


Short lines of communication with your supplier and easy communication in your own language. For state-of-the-art engineering, you really don't have to cross the border.

New Product Introduction

If there’s a plan, it shouldn't take years for the product to reach the market. Connect Group has a lot of experience with new product introductions and advises how we can keep the momentum going together.

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The Netherlands

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