Location Kampenhout (Belgium)

Kampenhout is located 25 kilometers northeast of the Belgian capital Brussels, in the Flemish Brabant province. Connect Group’s main office is located in this municipality. The branch started with the assembly of cables. Later, modular construction was added.

Kampenhout' serves many customers in the immediate vicinity. This proximity is a great advantage in meetings and on-site engineering. There’s a great deal of expertise in the electrical and mechanical field present and Kampenhout has a reputation to uphold when it comes to manufacturing prototypes.

The Kampenhout location is the logistic heart of Connect Group; all our shipments between the locations in Eastern and Western Europe are made through this location. As you might know, Belgium is bilingual, and in addition to Dutch and French, they also speak English and German here.


  • 10.300 m²
  • 150 employees
  • Headquarters
  • Front Office Cable local to local
  • Logistics centre
Kampenhout Connect Group cable equipment
Connect Group Kampenhout Racks
Logistics centre

All shipments between the locations of Connect Group are made through Kampenhout. This is where our logistic expertise is the largest.


In Kampenhout we speak Dutch, French, German and English. What a pleasure: talking about your wishes and ideas and discussing files and drawings in the language of your choice, at a location nearby.

Check, double check

Kampenhout works with a system of check and double check. Connections of which it is not certain that they will always work are subjected to an additional check. The result: very few errors.

Our contact details

Division of Connect Group NV
Industriestraat 4
1910 Kampenhout

+32 (0)16 60 61 71

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